Small Manual Gun Washer for water-based paints
model TGL-167X
Photos may vary from actual units
This pneumatic all-stainless steel spraygun washer is a small and user-friendly manually-operated equipment for water-based paints.
. Given its compact size, it can also be positioned inside the paint oven.
. It is supplied with a small pump, one nebulizer and one blowing gun
. It also includes 2 plastic 10-litre containers, respectively for clean and used water.
. The paint/water separation kit is not included.
Mini Super Gun Washer for manual washing with solvent
model TGL-160
Photos may vary from actual units
For manual washing with solvent The MINI SUPER Spray washer is a compact machine fully pneumatic for washing manually pray-guns and any piece stained with solvent-based paint. It can be used for colour tests too. The washer is supplied with 2 small Venturi pumps and an atomizer sucking clean and dirty solvent from the drums positioned at the bottom of the machine. The practical side top can be positioned both to the left and right side of the machine. Fumes are automatically absorbed each time you open the upper door.
Manual Gun Washer for water based paints
model TGL-177
Photos may vary from actual units
The TGL-177 is pneumatically operated, small and cost-effective machine for manual wash spray guns and small objects for water-based paint applications. The washer is equipped with a small pump and spray nozzle, drawing clean water from a container located at the bottom compartment of the machine and a second spray nozzle for final wash cycle, connected to a building's water supply, (preferably use distilled water). It comes equipped with a pressurized air gun to dry washed spray guns and other parts.
Multi Super Gun Washer for automatic and manual solvent
model TGL-173B
Photos may vary from actual units
The pneumatically operated Spray-gun washer Multi Super is all in stainless steel and is supplied with a vapour exhauster. It has been designed to provide top performance in washing spray-guns. The friendly front control panel makes washing fast and simple, plus a second diaphragm pump for the final automatic rinsing with clean solvent. On request, the vapour exhauster can be supplied with an activated carbon purifier (optional) for total removal of polluting gaseous particles.
Manual and Automatic Multi Gun Washer for water based paints
model TGL-182CX
Photos may vary from actual units
Pneumatic gun washer, stainless steel, with vapor evacuation, is ideal for washing spray guns stained with water-based paint with top results through:
  • Automatic washing with water - this is the first cycle to wash spray guns, paint drums, mixing rods and paint cups by means of nozzles connected to a diaphragm pump and a timer.
  • Manual washing with water - this cycle requires a use of spray nozzle device which takes clean water from the drum located at the bottom of the machine. A brush, connected to clean water supply is then used to further rinse the equipment. Then, a pressure air gun dries the guns and washed pieces.
  • Mini Star Double Gun Washer for manual washing with water and solvent
    model TGL-165
    Photos may vary from actual units
    The pneumatic Spray Gun Washer Mini Star is provided with two different work shelves. This simple and inexpensive appliance has been designed for manually washing spray guns and small painted objects with both water and solvent. Fumes are automatically exhausted each time the operator opens the upper door. It is also ideal for colour tests with water and solvent.
    Water wash: This work shelf is provided with one small pump that sucks the water used with the guns pre-wash detergent; one nebulizer for final wash with clean water; one brush to be connected to the water system. It also includes a stirrer for colour coagulation. Water and coagulated colour are finally discharged into the pre-filter and filter where solid and water particles undergo separation.
    Solvent wash: This work shelf is provided with one small pump that sucks the solvent used for guns pre-wash; one nebulizer that sucks the clean solvent for the final wash. On request: Activated carbon depurator to position onto the stack for total abatement of polluting gaseous particles.
    • Water Filters
    • Flock Powder
    • Detergeant Remover
    heating cabinet for water paints
    Photos may vary from actual units
    Thermocolor is an electric heating cabinet. It has been designed to bring paints and their components to an ideal temperature before their use. This allows operators to avoid any paint-related problems. Cold temperature may produce unpleasant effects during the drying cycle like humidity, sagging and pricking. Thermocolor maintains paint temperature from medium to warm and this reflects on less quantity needed of solvent, higher fluidity and spread ability, top coat and finishing. Thermocolor is used in the cold season and is ideal to warm up paints, catalysts, lacquers, metal stoppers, primers, insulators, glues, dopes, dope cartridges, car frame protection oil and spraying guns.